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What Are Bevel Edge Hairdressing Scissors?

Bevel edge hairdressing scissors
Bevel edge blades are the most popular in the world for hairdressing and barbering scissors.
The bevel edge has a flatter tip than the convex edge blade, as seen in the picture above.
The bevel edge blades are more commonly found on hairdressing scissors under $200.
This is due to the basic steel not being able to hold a fine thin sharp edge.
This does not mean that these blades are poor quality.
Jaguar Solingen Germany and some popular Japanese scissor manufacturers use bevel edge blades on their premium shears.

How Does A Bevel Edge Blade Work?

Hairdressing bevel edge scissors and shears

The bevel edge blade is perfect for most hairdressing cutting techniques. 

They have sharp and fine tips and are easily maintained by sharpeners.

Most western hairdressers prefer the bevel edge scissors for their long life and ability to stay sharper for longer.

You will typical find bevel edge blades on hairdressing scissors priced between $99 and $250.

Western Scissor brands like Jaguar Germany prefer bevel edges hairdressing and barber scissors.

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