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Solingen Hair Scissors

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One of the most commonly asked questions is "what are solingen hair scissors?"

The name Solingen has been around for a long time in the hairsressing industry.

They produce some of the oldest and well known scissors that can be found on the link below.

Solingen hair scissors details are:

  • Made in Germany 
  • Typically feature a bevel edge blade
  • Manufacture hairdressing scissors
  • The scissors range from 4.5" and 7" inches
  • The international brand name used is "Jaguar"
  • The prices range from $99 AUD to $1,500
  • Solingen has been producing scissors since 1927

Out of all the best German hairdressing scissor brands, the Solingen shears are the best.

In Australia the Solingen brand name is known as "Jaguar" shears, they are both affordable and reputable.

Solingen leads in the production of premium quality Shears at cheap prices.


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