Osaka Passion Hairdressing Scissors

Osaka Passion hairdressing scissors is a Japanese inspired western brand of hair cutting tools.

They are well known internationally and consinstently win awards that places them next to Mizutani and Kasho as one of the leading world expert's in professional hairdressing scissor manufacturing.

The Osaka Passion brand are most famous for their:

  1. Slicing cutting scissors
  2. Curved hairdressing scissors
  3. Stylish coloured hairdressing scissors
  4. Their modern and powerful Left Handed hair cutting scissors

There are a lot of brands made up overnight that makes people lose confidence in the hairdressing industry.

But its brands like Osaka Passion, that have been producing high quality hairdressing scissors with pure Japanese steel, that really brings faith back into the hair community.

How much are Osaka scissors and are they really any good?

For Osaka hairdressing scissors, you are expected to pay between $300 and 700 Australian dollars.

They come with warranty, sharpening services and an aftercare guide to make sure these professional Osaka shears are going to last a lifetime.