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Men's Haircutting Scissors

Men's haircutting scissors

There are over fifty different kinds of haircutting scissors, but which pair is best for men's haircuts?

Mens haircutting scissors are between 6" inches and 7" inches. The best mens haircut scissors use a long blade for Over The Comb techniques. These scissors cost anywhere between $99 and $500.

Out of all the haircutting techniques, the Over Comb technique with a long blade hair scissor is the best for men's haircuts.

What Kind Of Scissors Are Best For Men's Haircuts?

The best haircutting scissors for men's hair are made in Japan and Germany. 

These scissors include a long blade and have an overall length of anywhere between 6" inches and 7" inches.

What makes these scissors suitable for men's haircuts?

The longer blade easily cuts the mens hair from the sides and also conveniently cuts through the comb.

These are the most popular haircutting scissors found in barber shops.

Men's haircutting scissors cost anywhere between $99 and $200 at Japan Scissors.

How To Cut Men's Short Hair?

Take your new men's haircutting scissors and insert your thumb in the bigger hole, and ring finger inside the smaller hole. 

Make sure to use your thumb to open and close the scissors, and not the ring finger.

Start by lightly spraying the side's hair, and be careful not to dampen or drench the hair.

Start by combing the hair straight, the grab some of the hair at an even length through the comb and slice smoothly with the scissors 

Continue this process until the hair has been cut evenly across the head.

Use the comb to straighten the front of the hair, and start to cut the fringe.

The most important aspect of cutting men's hair with scissors is to stay calm, patiently cut evenly and to review.

When you review the haircut, you can see if there are any uneven areas. Trim, cut and perfect the haircut.


Men's haircutting scissors are between 6" inches and 7" inches in length.

They feature a long blade and are popular for their Over Comb traditional barbering style men's haircut.

If you are looking to buy men's haircut scissors, then you can expect to pay anywhere between one hundred and five hundred dollars.

It's easy to cut men's hair with these scissors, spray and a comb.

You can easily cut men's hair by going through the sides and cutting over the comb evenly.

Men's haircutting scissors are extremely popular and are available at Japan Scissors.