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How Much Do You Pay For Hairdressing & Barber Scissors?

How much for professional hairdressing scissors?

With so many scissor brands, models and new styles coming out each year, how much do hairdressers and barbers expect to pay for scissors?

To understand how much hairdressers and barbers pay for scissors, we need to know what types of shears are available. These include:

  • Cutting scissors are between $100 and $500
  • Thinning scissors are between $100 and $500
  • Stainless steel scissors are $100+
  • 440c steel scissors are $200+
  • VG10 steel scissors are $300+
  • Cobalt steel scissors are $600+
  • Many many more...

For new apprentice or student hairdressers and barbers, you can expect to pay between $100 to $250 for a pair or cutting or thinning scissors.

For professional hairdressers and barbers, you can expect to between $150 to $1000 for a pair of cutting or thinning scissors.

If you are looking for a premium pair that will last a lifetime,  you will be paying over $500!

For a quick and cheap replacement, hairdressers typically pay $150 for a cutting and thinning scissors.

So when asked "how much do you pay for haircutting scissors?", they pay between $100 and $300. This gets you a high quality professional hair cutting or thinning and texturising scissors.

Barber Shears are typically longer and most people expect to pay a higher amount, but they typically cost the same as the smaller hairdressing scissors.

Barber scissors cost between $150 and $300 for an entry level professional hair cutting scissors that can be used with over the comb techniques.

Professional premium barber scissors cost around $500 and usually feature a 3D convex edge blade, Offset ergonomics and high quality steel.

Hairdressers expect to get a pair that cuts hair effortlessly, has professional ergonomics and lasts a long time. The higher quality the steel the longer these hairdressing scissors will last. 

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