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How Does Thinning Scissors Work?

How does hairdressing thinning scissors work?

What Are Hairdressing Thinning Scissors?

Hair thinning and texturising shears are the second most used haircutting tool found in salons, hairdressers and barber shops.

Thinning scissors have sharp teeth on one blade and a normal cutting blade on the other side. These thinning scissor blades only cut hair caught between the teeth during each cutting motion.

These scissors are mainly used to thin our thick and curly hair.

How Do I Use Hair Thinning Scissors?

For hairdressers and barbers, normal haircutting Shears are all you need. But there are times that clients have thicker and curlier patches of hair.

For thick hair, thinning scissors are used to thing out sections of hair that gives the hair a lighter look.

Each cutting motion with thinning scissors typically cuts 20% to 30% percent of wet hair and 15% to 25% percent of dry hair.

The more teeth thinning scissors hair typically means a higher thinning and cutaway rate, so a 40 teeth thinning scissor could cut away 40% and a 10 teeth thinning scissor could cut away 15%.

The teeth on the thinning scissors are what cut hair, and the sharper these teeth, the more hair they will thin away.

Professional thinning and texturising scissors cost anywhere between $150 to $500.

Compared to cutting scissors, it is very important to have a higher quality thinning scissor made from premium steel as the teeth are more sensitive need harder steel.


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