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Hairdressing Scissors Priceline

Hairdressing scissors are coming back into style with Priceline offering a huge array of manicure scissors.

For home hairdressers, home cutters or beauticians, Priceline offers quick and affordable scissors.

Who are these scissors made for? Mostly for home hairdressing or emergency supplies

The main range of hairdressing scissors includes:

These 6" inch hairdressing scissors are made from basic steel and are great for people cutting their family's, both children and adults, hair.

What makes Priceline scissors so popular? The are incredibly cheap. The original price is $19.99 and they are available at every priceline store across Australia.

People often use these as backup/emergency scissors when their professional regular pairs are being sharpened.

If you are looking for higher quality scissors that will last for many years, browse through our scissor collections!