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Hairdressing Scissors Pouch Holster

Experience the best hairdressing scissor pouches and holsters at Japan Scissors.

How do you choose the right pouch or holster for you? Well, it all starts with quality and ends in size.

Most pouches take 2 pairs of hairdressing scissors, but you can find them carrying up to 8.

Holsters can carry between 1 and 8 hair scissors at any given time.

When looking for the right scissor pouch and holster, make sure to get high quality materials.

Pouches typically come in:

  • Leather
  • Pleather (fake leather)
  • Suade 
  • Plastic 
  • Fabric 

The leather pouches generally cost $100+ while the pleather or plastic scissor pouches cost $20-40.

For scissor holsters, choosing a high quality leather product is critical as they hold your expensive scissors.

It's no joke when the strap breaks and the scissors hit the floor, so make sure to choose a high quality leather holster.

Australia has high quality leather at reasonable prices. Japan Scissors imports from Japan. Hand crafted holsters and pouches.

Browse through our list of imported high quality Japanese pouches and holsters.