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Hair Cutting Scissors Price

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What is the normal price that you would pay for hair cutting scissors in Australia?

We are going to cover the online and physical retail store side of hairdressing scissor prices.

The price of hair cutting scissors are broken up into three categories:

  1. Home hairdressers
  2. Apprentice and student hairdressers
  3. Professional hairdressers and barbers

Home Hair Cutting Scissor Prices

The most commonly searched hair cutting scissors are for parents cutting their children's hair or family hairdressing. It saves a lot of money and time learning how to cut your kids hair.

The hair cutting scissor price for people cutting a once or twice a month are between $20 to $150. These scissors are made from basic steel and include a bevel edge blade for beginners.

Apprentice And Student Hair Cutting Scissor Prices

Learning how to cut hair and not sure how much to spend? Well, here we cover hair cutting scissor prices for students and hairdressers or barber apprentices.

You will be looking for an entry-level professional pair of hairdressing scissors. Learning how to cut means you need to practice with a real pair that allows precise hair cuts.

The typical price for apprentice and student hair cutting scissors are between $99 to $250 and include a sharper convex or bevel edge blade, higher quality steel and offset ergonomics.

Professional Hair Cutting Scissor Prices

Professionals cut hair standing up for hours on end everyday.

Its critical to have a pair of hairdressing scissors that will cut sharp, stay sharp longer without going blunt and are light and ergonomic to reduce fatigue.

Professional hair cutting scissor prices range from $250 to $600 in Australia and include premium lightweight durable steel, sharp convex edge blades and offset ergonomics to keep you fingers, wrist and elbow comfortable.


Let use know in the comments how much you would pay for a pair of hair cutting scissors! :) 



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