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Good Cheap Hairdressing Scissor Brands

Some brands sell scissors for $1000 and some for $100-200, but not all good brands have to be top of the range with high prices.

Good cheap hairdressing scissor brands have become more and more popular in the recent years.

What we look for in a good cheap hairdressing scissor brand is:

  • High quality lightweight steel
  • Convex or bevel edge blade
  • Simple offset or opposing handle design

There are many different brands that fit this criteria,  but the online market is flooded with cheap scissors made with bad steel.

Avoid bad steel from cheap brands found on Amazon, Ebay, Wish, and more. These will rust fast, spread trace metals and chemicals to the person's hair and can break easily.

So for our top three best cheap good hairdressing scissor brands:

  1. Mina Scissors: they feature out top selling products like Umi Scissors. Simple reliable design and under $200.
  2. Jaguar Scissors: the entry level Jay, Pre Style and White Line series is popular. Made in German with quality manufacturing. 
  3. Ichiro Japan Scissors: these have quality designs that are suitable for professionals. Sharp convex edge blades and high quality steel. 

So for good and cheap hairdressing scissor brands, look for Ichiro, Mina and Jaguar at Japan Scissors.

These cheap but reliable scissors are a good choice for $100-300 and will cut sharp for years to come.

Mina has great 5 star positive reviews from customers that make it a premium cheap brand.