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Edward Scissorhands Sharpening Services Melbourne

Edward Scissorhands Melbourne Sharpening

Edward Scisssorhands offers sharpening services for hairdressing and barbering shears across Australia with their mail-service. They also provide in-person sharpening pick-up and delivery services in the Melbourne metro (CBD) area.

190 Carlisle Street
St Kilda 
Vic 3182
Coverage: Australia-Wide (Mail)
Phone: 0424 447 700
Email: info@scissorhands.com.au
Website: ScissorHands.com.au
Prices: $50
Turnaround: 48 Hours
Return Shipping: FREE
Service: Sharpening, Full balancing, lubrication, final performance test. All spare parts are inclusive.


Summary About Edward Scissorhands

Experienced in both the salon and hairdressing scissor sharpening industry, Edward Scissorhands brings perfection to the shear sharpening process.

If you have ever noticed these problems with your scissors:

  • Scissors don't cut right
  • The hair bends between the scissor blades
  • The hair is pushed instead of cut
  • Scissor tips are blunt

Then you need to get your scissors sharpened! 

Edward Scissorhands provides a super fast 48 hour turnaround for its customers. But don't let the quick turnaround fool you, their workmanship and sharpening quality will impress all professionals!

All work is guaranteed, so there is no stress for you. Protect your scissor investment with the best sharpening service available!

Customer Testimonials


My daughter has just returned to work after a short break and asked me to send you her thanks for the wonderful job in sharpening her scissors. She thinks they are better than when they were new. She has passed on your business card to her boss.


I've used an in-salon sharpener in the past but the difference is just amazing.


I've used an in-salon sharpener in the past but the difference is just amazing.


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