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Does Target sell hair cutting scissors?

Targetis a store that sells pretty much everything you could need. In the hair category, they sell:

  • hair cutting scissors
  • hair thinning scissors
  • hair combs
  • hair razors 
  • hair clips

The hairdressing scissors you find at Target are not the same type you would see at a salon or barbershop. 

These scissors are best for home hairdressing or apprentice and student hairdressers.

What are the types of hair cutting scissors that Target sells?

The main type are basic traditional straight hair cutting scissors. They also sell basic hair thinning scissors.

These hair cutting scissors from Target are great for cutting once or twice a month, but don't typically last more than a year.

We also sell higher quality scissors under $100 that will last for many years to come. Check out our cheap scissor collection.