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Buy Hair Thinning Scissors

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Buying hair thinning scissors comes in two forms: online and physical retail store.

The best prices for scissors are online, as they ship direct from the warehouse to your doorstep.

When buying hair thinning scissors, there are three quality types available with different prices, and these include:

  • Home hairdresser thinning scissors ($50-150)
  • Apprentice and Student hair thinning scissors ($100-250)
  • Professional hair thinning scissors ($150-500)

There are a few different types of hair thinning scissors you can buy, and these include:

  • 40 Teeth is an estimated 50% Cut Away
  • 30 Teeth is an estimated 35% Cut Away
  • 20 Teeth is an estimated 25% Cut Away
  • 16 Teeth is an estimated 15% Cut Away

Depending on how thick or thin the hair is, you may want to use a different pair of thinning scissors.

These thinning scissors typically come in 6" inches, but they can be as small as 5" inches and as long as 6.5" inches.

Our most popular brands of hair thinning scissors to buy from are:




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