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Buy Hair Cutting Scissors

Hair cutting scissors


Buying hair cutting scissors in Australia is available online and in physical stores.

The cheapest way to buy hair cutting scissors is online and these come in three main categories with different prices. These categories of hair cutting scissors include:

  • Home hairdresser: hair cutting scissors ($50-150)
  • Student and apprentice: hair cutting scissors ($100-250)
  • Professional: hair cutting scissors ($150-500)

These are situations where you can get a cheap pair of home hair cutting scissors for less than $50, or that a professional pair of scissors can cost up to $3,000.




The good news is that it has never been so cheap to buy hair cutting scissors in Australia

When buying hair cutting scissors, there are also a wide array of payment options to cater to every type of customer, and these include:

What do you need to look out for when buying a pair of hair cutting scissors online or in-store?

  • The handle ergonomics. Offset is more comfortable and better for cutting for many hours on end
  • The scissor blade: convex edge are sharper and give most precision while cutting. Bevel edge blades catch hair that falls while cutting making them perfect for students, apprentices and home hairdressers.
  • The steel/materials: higher quality steel keeps the blade sharp for longer 

When you are looking for a premium brand of hair cutting scissors, checkout out these:


We have a wide range of scissors starting between $50 and $500 that cater to the needs of every kind of hairdresser. Click the button below to get started. :)