Best Scissors For Cutting Hair at Home

With hairdressing scissors reaching up to $2,000 in Australia, we decided to shed some light on the Best Scissors For Cutting Hair at Home!

Hairdressing scissors for cutting hair can be affordable and under $150. Our most popular Mina brand is under $100 and suitable for cutting hair at home like a pro. Turning your living room into a home salon.

We receive a lot of questions about "why are hairdressing scissors so expensive", and there are legitimate reasons, but not all good scissors need to break bank.

So what are the best hairdressing scissors for cutting hair at home?

  • Priced under $150 
  • Sharp and reliable
  • Offset handle (comfortable grip)
  • Convex or bevel edge blade (sharp for years to come)
  • Stainless steel (anti-rust)
  • At least 1 year warranty 

Our most popular brands for home hair cutting scissors are:

These brands are affordable and they will give you the ability to cut hair like a pro! 

Learn how to measure your hand to find the right scissor size for you, below!


Before you get started with shopping online for a new pair of hairdressing scissors, follow these steps to choosing the right size for you:

  • Get a ruler or an old pair of hairdressing scissors
  • Open your left hand and place it on the palm of your hand
  • Measure the full scissors or ruler against the palm of your hand
  • Put the tip of the blade or the ruler on the end of your middle finger
  • Measure the blade or ruler against your middle finger

You will be able to get and idea of the right size for you.

If the ruler covers your middle finger, and the result is 2." Inches, as an example, then a 5" scissor might be suitable for you.

The 5" scissor means the blade may be 2" to 3" inches and the full scissors length, including the handle, will be 5".