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Read More About Apprentice & Student Hairdressing Scissors

The apprentice and student range of hairdressing scissors are available online for under $200. 

You don't need to spend over $500 on a pair of scissors to cut hair like a professional!

Our range of apprentice hairdressing scissors includes the brands Ichiro, Jaguar, Mina, and more!

Apprentices and student scissors are defined as:

  • Priced under $200
  • Use modern offset ergonomic for the handles
  • Screw or similar technology for the tension adjuster 
  • Bevel or convex edge blades

This quality of hair shears is as important for students and apprentices, as they are for professional hairdressers and barbers. You need to cut hair with the best quality scissors to master haircutting techniques that make you a real pro.

You can buy a high-quality pair of apprentice hairdressing scissors with the following:

  • high-quality cutting steel
  • comfortable ergonomic handles
  • Sharp bevel or convex edge blade for slice, slide, blunt, point, and all other types of hair cutting techniques
  • bonus kit that includes: hair comb, maintenance kit, styling razor, case or pouch, and much more!

The decision to buy the best hairdressing apprentice scissors, sets, and kits online is a difficult one, but you can buy with confidence at JapanScissors.com.au!