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Australia leads in hairdressing scissor products, but for some reason lacks in the scissor pouch and case categories. 

Japan Scissors has changed this with high quality scissor and shear pouches that carry any pair between 4" inches and 8" inches.

What makes a scissor pouch high quality?

Authentic leather, water and oil proof and physical damage makes scissor pouches good enough for any professional. 

Time and time again we hear about hairdressers and barbers accidentally damaging their hair by chucking them in their bag without a case or pouch to protect them.

What makes you want to buy a scissor pouch or case? In the long run, a scissor pouch will save you money by protecting your lair of hairdressing scissors and shears.

Australians are looking for scissor pouches that can protect their shears in and outside of work. We bring you the best quality, not the cheapest, scissor pouches.

Our scissor pouches hold anywhere between one, two, four or eight pairs of hairdressing shears.

The unique lining of the pouches ensures that liquid is kept out and your scissors are safe.

The way scissor pouches are designed is by understanding how professional hair stylists work everyday. Where do scissors get damaged and how can pouches and cases protect your scissors?

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