May 07, 2019 2 min read

Yasaka Shears Japan is the most well known brand of Japanese scissors in Australia and New Zealand. With their high quality Japanese steel, beautiful simplistic design, and perfect craftsmanship, they are the best Japanese manufacturer used in everyday hairdressing and barber salons.

When hairdressers and barbers search for the best Japanese shears, why do they search for Yasaka Japan? What makes the best of the best for everyday Yasaka scissors and shears?

We asked Takahashi, a Japanese importer of professional hairdressing scissors, what are the current trends with Japanese shears and why do people choose Yasaka?

"The interesting thing with hairdressing and barbers is that it is a very large industry. So we often see different trends that are isolated to hairdressers, salons and barbers when it comes to hairdressing scissors. We find Yasaka sells well as people don't often look to invest over $1000 in a new pair of hair cutting scissors, but they also don't want to buy something to cheap that will tug and pull their clients hair. Yasaka is popular as they offer affordable high quality scissors for professionals. Yasaka is usually what gives people confidence in Japanese hair scissors before they invest enough to buy Mizutani or other similar brands."
Yasaka Shears Japan 5.5" Offset Handle Scissor
Yasaka Shears Japan is well known, highly credible and is a premium among mid-range Japanese scissors. Looking for a pair of high quality Japanese scissors to buy online? For the most affordable premium Japanese shears, with stylish designs, ergonomics, high quality corrosion, and rust resistant metals, look no further than Yasaka Shears Japan.

Within the popular Yasaka brand, one pair of shears stands out amongst the rest. The Yasaka Offset Handle 5.5" Inch shears are the most popular purchase in Australia and New Zealand. The Yasaka Offset Handle Shears comes with unique ergonomics that prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and is overall safer for day-to-day use. The lightweight and a perfect balance will take pressure off your wrist and fingers while cutting for an extended period of time.

The sharp convex blade of the Yasaka Offset Handle Shears allows the perfect and smoothness cut - no split ends! The Japanese Steel is resistant and durable making these a pair of Yasaka shears to last a lifetime.

So if you are looking for an affordable Japanese scissors brand and the perfect everyday shears, look no further than the Yasaka Offset Handle Shears. Available at the best price through Japan Scissors.

The best scissors for cutting hair and wet hairdressing are Yasaka Shears. Japan Scissors offers scissors salon prices and cheap shears for cutting hair without sacrificing quality.

We do not have the same large collection as Scissor Tech but we offer different types of hair scissors for elegance hairdressing, concave haircut, scissors with teeth, emerald hairdressers scissors and scissors similar to matsui scissor tech at the best prices.

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