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Clients are looking for modern haircuts from salons and barber shops in Australia. To achieve the best hairdressing styles, you will need the best hair thinning scissors. There is a common misconception that the scissors at home are the same as what professional hairdressers use. Professional scissors have different styles, from cutting scissors with a convex edge or a chunking thinning scissors, let’s take a moment to learn about professional texturing scissors.

Hair Thinning Scissors

Thinning scissors are commonly understand as a tool to reduce hair thickness and the bulk around unwanted areas. Thinning scissors are definitely not something you will find at home, as these are necessary to get the right hair styles that your clients are asking for. Using these hairdressing thinning scissors are also useful to let the heat out during summer, so you will notice a higher demand for thinning styles around summer.

Unlike a normal pair of hairdressing scissors, like the Yasaka Offset Handle cutting scissor, these hair thinning shears have one plain blade and one blade with teeth. The teeth range from 10 to 30 or 40 depending on the thinning performance you are looking for. These scissors do not slice through the hair in a single move, but the teeth target small chunks of hair. 

You can use thinning hairdressing scissors for hair of any length to thin out any thick areas of hair.

Hair Thinning Scissor Types 

Hairdressing thinning scissors have various types and sizes, but the main thing you will notice is the number of teeth that are in each pair. Depending on the thinning performance you are looking for, you may want to go for a pair with 20-30 teeth that is quite balanced and allows you to thin with just a few moves. 

You may also want to go for something that performs a bit more for thick and curly hair. These are called chunking scissors and usually have 7 to 16 teeth and are called chunking (chunk) hairdressing thinning scissors. What makes chunking hairdressing thinning scissor unique is creating notches for extremely curly hair. These thinning scissors are especially popular in Australia and New Zealand.

Hair Thinning Scissors for Blending & Texturizing: 

As mentioned above, when you are looking for the best hairdressing thinning scissors, but aren’t sure where to begin, hairdressers tend to go for a well balanced texturing and hair thinning shear. These usually consist of 20 to 30 tooth and they cut most hair within just a few moves. Within Australia you will find that most hairdressers will use 25 teeth thinning scissors for texturing and hair thinning as they work well on fine hair of any length.

Hair thinning Scissors for Chunking: 

Chunking scissors are also very popular in Australia due to thick and curly hair. You will find that hairdressers are not always prepared when you ask to thin out the unwanted parts of thick and curly hair, and without a pair of chunking hairdressing thinning scissors you will have difficulty getting the style you want. These usually have 7 to 16 teeth and are much better for summer hair styles due to many people asking you to use hairdressing thinning scissors to thin out for a lighter summer haircut.

Hair Thinning Scissors for Finishing: 

So here we are at the end of our little introduction and explanation about hairdressing thinning scissors with for texturing. The Hairdressing Thinning Scissors for Finishing are the most popular and common in Australia as they are used as the “icing on the cake” so to speak for the perfect hairstyle. These scissors are used for giving a perfect final finish to the hairstyle and to give a fine detailing at the end. 

In comparison to the other type, these have a large number of teeth, approximately 30 to 40 teeth, and are commonly used in salons by professional hairdressers looking to give the best styles. More teeth have a finer look for these hairdressing scissors and they take a longer amount of time giving the final texturing finish. If you are looking for a hairstyle that makes even transactions in hair, then look no further than these finishing hair thinning scissors.

Before buying hair thinning scissors in Australia online, make sure you learn more about which scissors are best for you. There are three types, the all-rounder thinning scissors for a balanced thin, the chunking scissors for thick and curly hair, and the finishing hairdressing scissors used to give a fine detailing at the end.

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