Scissors, Scissors, Scissors, Get your scissors!

Hair Cutting Scissors are an important part of many industries, be it dog grooming, horse show preparation or hairdressing, these fantastic tools have lots of thought and innervation place upon them. 

Yasaka cutting and thinning hairdressing set

For today lets focus on hair cutting scissors because as you know, we love our hair shears at Japan scissors. Hair-cutting shears are scissors that are specifically designed for just that, cutting hair. Such tools come under many names, for example, "Hairdressing Shears", "Hair Shears", "Barber Shears" and my personal favourite "Yasaka M600 6" Inch Hair Scissors" ;). 

Yasaka m600 hair cutting scissors and shears

What makes these different from plain old household scissors you may ask? Well, Like all the scissors in our store these shears are exceptionally sharp compared to that of ordinary scissors, with engineering designs for ergonomic and efficiency! One such example is that of the finger brace or tang; this aids the user with additional control during a cut and is either on the left or right finger ring. 


jaguar scissors with finger brace


As we've now had a taste for scissors anatomy lets, delve further! There are three main types:

Opposing or Traditional - These are your classic shears that follow the basic design of the symmetrical finger and thumb rings. Most commonly used by a stylist who adopts a middle finger grip.

Yasaka 5.5 inch KE traditional shear or hair cutting scissor


Offset Handle - In the offset design as the name suggest, the rings are no longer symmetrical, thumb and finger rings are askew from each other. Having the handle in such a manner allows for a more open hand position and the more comfortable lower arm and elbow position when cutting. Most commonly used during a ring finger grip.

Juntetsu Offset hair cutting scissors


Crane Handle - While at first, these may look similar to the offset shears, the top handle is very straight. Such a slight variation allows for a below horizontal elbow position. Much like the offset design, a ring finger grip is used and is a must if ergonomics is your desire in shears. 


Yasaka dry cut W crane offset handle hair cutting scissors


Now let's get onto the topic of texturising scissors! Thinning shears, Chucking shears or texturising shears are a specialised type of hair-cutting scissors that are used to reduce the volume of hair and to create a texturing or blending effect. Unlike normal scissors, these shears have teeth on the edge of the pivotal blade, similar to the likes of that seen on a comb. With such a setup you can cut anywhere between 40 - 80% of the hair of a client (or yourself...) with just one to two cuts. 

Jaguar Texturising scissors

Therefore these teeth aren't just for smiling, these teeth do wonders to peoples hairs, however, how many teeth and why? If you've been on our site for a while, you would have seen thinning scissors with all variations of teeth numbers. As a general rule of thumb, 25 and above are for texturising and blending, whereas, 15 and below are chunk removers! 

Kai cutting and thinning hairdressing combo/set

As we all know, not all hair is made the same and some people have thick and/or curly hair. When handling such hair, fewer teeth with wider gaps make your job a whole lot easier.

In our next edition of scissors, scissors, scissors, we'll explain what the purpose of that swivel joint is on the below scissors until then stay sharp folks.

kai swivel finger hair cutting scissors

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