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March 28, 2020 3 min read

We frequently get asked "What are professional scissors brands in Australia?", and we know how hard it is to choose a reliable pair when there are so many brands available.

In this article, we have put together a list of What is the best brand of hairdressing scissors available in Australia!


Professional scissors brands include hair scissors for cutting and thinning. They are typically made in Japan or Germany. Professional scissors brands include: 

So what makes these brands professional? A few factors that include:

  • High-quality steel
  • Reviews from professional hairdressers and barbers
  • How many years manufacturing 
  • Price points
  • Ergonomics 
  • Blade types

If you go into KMART, you might find a pair of scissors, but would they be professional?

They might not have high-quality steel, have poor ergonomics, and a dull blade.

So the result of this brand would not be professional.

But if you shop for Yasaka or Kamisori, you will find that they are a professional hairdressing scissor brand due to:

  • High-quality steel
  • Sharp bevel edge or convex edge blades
  • Offset ergonomics reducing fatigue for the hairdresser

There are a lot of other obvious factors, but the most obvious one is: "Will it cut hair?" and the answer for these shears is a definitive "YES!".

So when you are looking around for professional hairdressing scissor brands, take a moment to look for the right signs that show these brands sell scissors used by professional hairdressers and/or barbers.

What are the best hairdresser scissors brands?

 Scissor Brand Price Point Country
Juntetsu Scissors $$ Australia
Yasaka Scissors $$$ Japan
Mizutani $$$$$ Japan
Jaguar Germany $$ Germany
Matsui $$$ Australia
Fuji Scissors $$$$ Japan
Yamato Scissors $$$$ Japan
Toyo Scissors $$$ Australia
Iceman $$ South Korea
Wahl $ U.S.A. (America)
Mina $ Australia
Kamisori $$$ Canada/China/Japan
Saki Katana $$$ Australia
Equinox Scissors $$ China
iCandy Scissors $$$ China
Zenmaster Scissors $$$ Australia/China
 Excellent Edges $$$$ Australia


When you look into the current hairdressing scissor market, there are new brands appearing almost every month.

So how do you choose a brand that will not give you a regrettable experience?

Reviews, feedback and ensuring the product matches your needs is a start.

The majority of professional brands manufacture in Germany, China or Japan.

Brands manufactured in China are not necessarily bad, as they can use Japanese steel to produce high-quality professional hair cutting products.

These brands are then able to sell professional hairdressing scissor products at a more affordable price.

The real and honest criticism that people have with the Japanese hair scissor brands is that you are paying for so so so many overheads.

That $2,000 pair of Mizutani scissors you just bought actually cost $150 to make, but we are being charged $2,000 due to:

  • company overheads
  • high cost of labour (japan)
  • the company needs to profit
  • An Australian company that imports it also adds their 30-50% margin
  • Japanese and Australian tax
  • Shipping and import fees

By the time these $150 pair of scissors hit the shelves in Australia, there is so much bloat that it ends up costing you $2,000.

It is what it is though, and we can't change it. But other manufacturers are securing that same Japanese Hitachi steel and having them produced in China to reduce overheads.

This does not always work though. You often have poor quality Chinese scissors, but often it's due to the steel and parts being cheaply made.

So when you are looking for Professional Hairdressing Scissor Brands, start with the list above, make sure they are reputable and the model matches your needs as a professional hairdresser or barber.

Conclusion: What is The Best Hairdressing Scissor Brand?

The best brand may be different for professional hairdressers, barbers, students, and home hairdressers, so to conclude this article, we have listed out the best brands for each category of hair enthusiasts.

  1. Jaguar Solingen Scissors: For their affordable prices and high-quality products
  2. Ichiro Scissors: For their unique styles and professional quality
  3. Yasaka Scissors: Australia' Best Japanese Scissor Brand
  4. Fuji Scissors: The most premium hairdressing scissors available from Japan
  5. Matsui Scissors: The most bought online scissor brand in Australia

To summarise, Australia's top brands of scissors are selected for hairdressers and barbers looking for the best scissors brands available in Australia.

James Adams is an author for Japan Scissors. He focuses on writing informational content on Hairdressing scissors for beginners and professionals.

James Adams
James Adams

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