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August 24, 2019 2 min read

I went into Target on the weekend and saw a customer holding a pair of scissors asking the staff "are these professional scissor for hair cutting?" and the staff simply stated "scissors are all the same". I don't blame the staff as someone asking about whether a $10 pair of scissors in Australia are for professional use is most likely going to cut their children's hair for school.

This really made me step back and think, well this is a casual hairdresser, so what do new students know about professional hairdressing scissors? What do veteran professional hairdressers know about scissors and can you achieve the best haircuts with just any pair of shears?

What professional hairdressing scissors should I buy?

The market is saturated. You can buy a pair of "Professional Scissors" for $5 from WISH and Ebay, and you can also buy a pair of premium Japanese or european shears for $2000 in Australia online or in stores. The question is "what are you really going to get out of the scissors?", so we will begin with a quick run-down of what a professional should be looking for.

If you are cutting your children's hair, then you can easily pickup a pair that will last you a few years for $99 as you won't be using them often. If you are a student, then don't spend too much upfront, go ahead and look for a pair between $150-250 that is made from higher quality steel and has a bevel edge blade (as this is like driving automatic and makes learning easier). If you are a professional, then look out for a convex edge blade, a reliable brand using quality Japanese or German steel (440C, Damascus, VG10, Cobalt etc) and includes some sort of warranty as any problems that may occur usually happen within the first 3 months.

Perfection with Professional Hairdressing Scissors

It really is one of those obvious questions that people jump to when asked "what are professional hairdressing scissors", but most people point at popular brands without actually understanding these are made from low quality steel in Pakistan or China. This is why they rust, broke and the blades start overlapping within the first year and even your local sharpener won't touch them.

There is a bit of truth to investing in a quality pair of professional hairdressing scissors, as you will save money later. The good news is the online market in Australia is vast and caters to professional hairdressers and barbers, so you no longer have to pay over $1000 for a pair of shears. You can probably get away with $200-500 and these will keep cutting for years to come.

So what is your perfect example of professional hairdressing scissors? Points if they are on a budget as we all know how hard the hairdressing and barber market is. ;) Leave a comment below and consider subscribing to Japan Scissor' blogs.

Check out our quick top 3 scissors list that'll satisfy casual, student and professional hairdressers.

#1 Mina Sakura

Mina Sakura Professional Hairdressing Scissor

#2 Ichiro K10 

Ichiro K10 Professional Hairdressing Scissor

#3 Miya Damascus

Miya Damascus Professional Hairdressing Scissor

James Adams
James Adams

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