August 31, 2019 2 min read

Today I will be walking you through a few things about finding hairdressing scissors with excellent edges. There are a lot of sharp edges options out there on the market that give excellent haircuts without split-ends or tugging and pulling, but how do you know what's right for you? I won't go into detail about the different blades, and if you want to read more on that check out this blog here.

Are you looking to avoid mistakes of choosing cheap blunt hairdressing scissors? Want to spruce it up and reward yourself with a pair of hairdressing shears with excellent edges that are good enough to last you the next 20 years? Well, let's get started!

Sharp blades with excellent edges in Australia

It would be embarrassing to watch a chef at a restaurant struggle to cut through ingredients while you wait for your food. So why wouldn't clients cringe when they see hairdressers and barbers struggle to cut due to blunt blades that twist, pull and produce split ends. Without hairdressing scissors that have the right sharp excellent edge for smooth slicing actions, it makes your work harder. 

There are three golden key rules for hairdressers and barbers when looking for professional hairdressing tools with the excellent and sharp edges that the Japanese take pride in. 

  1. Where are these scissors made in? Shears made in Japanhave an emphasis on high quality craftsmanship and the best durable metals that will make even the most senior of hair professionals blush with their sharp excellent edges.
  2. Brands, Brands, Brands! Finding the sharpest edges is one thing, but finding excellent shears with the finest edges that last for many years is another. You will often find that some brands are popular for their price and others for quality, so take some time to understand the best hairdressing scissor brands in Australia.
  3. Bevel Edge or Convex Edge blades are different and you need to understand why! Gone are the times when you can buy a premium pair of scissors with excellent edges by just glancing at a picture. Today is the day you need to understand the different between Bevel and Convex. Convex is for professionals due to their fine excellent sharp edges and ability to perform smooth slicing actions. Bevel edge blades are more commonly used by beginners due to the fact that they pick up hair as the blade closes which saves any beginner mistakes.

Sharp or Blunt Edge blades in Australia
So you can sit back and rest easy knowing that you are a step ahead of everyone else when it comes to choosing the sharpest edges and excellent shears. Make yourself proud as hairdressing (and barber) are only as good as their tools, and do you really want to see yourself replacing scissors every 6 months? I find a lot of hairdressing professionals in Sydney and Melbourne argue that Chinese scissors are pretty good nowadays, and even so, you can't compete with the Sharp Japanese blades, as Japan is a country of swordmaster craftsmanship. Who could compete against that?

Have some fun with your choices and your search. One final shoutout to our most popular scissors this week at Japan Scissors!

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