Feather Styling Razor Flex Type

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  • Features
Flexible and moulds to fit your grip
STEEL Japanese Stainless Steel
186mm (18.6cm)
30 grams
QUALITY RATING ★★★★★ Excellent!
BLADE SIZES 58mm long and 9.1mm high
BLFS10, BLFW10, BLFT10 and BLFC10
USES Shaving, Texturizing, Feathering and Styling razor
EXTRAS Guaranteed Authentic Feather From Japan!

  • Description

Feather Japan produces the world's highest quality barber razors, styling and texturizing razors, safety razors and hair cutting tools in the world. Made in the heart of Japan, they use premium Japanese steel to make safe and reliable hair tools.

The most customisable styling and texturizing razor from Feather is the Flex single blade series.

The Feather Styling and Texturizing razors have exceptional balance and a safe design for professional use.

The flex type of styling razor has a unique shape-memory polymer handle that can mould to fit your grip perfectly. The shape-memory polymer becomes harder in lower temperature and soft like rubber when heated.

The ultra-sharp blades cut hair tips in a slightly slanted angle that lead to beautiful texture.

Hair Tip Closeup

This is what the hair tip generally looks like from scissors after you cut. A typically flat end of the hair tip from a smooth slicing motion of hair scissors.

This is what the hair tip generally looks like from Feather styling razors after you cut. The hair tip has been finely cut in a slanted angle. This causes less damage and produces beautiful texture.

All Feather hair products are made in Gifu, Japan. They are the most popular and famous razor and styling brand due to their 5-star quality and affordable pricing.

How to customise your Feather flex handle shape

The shape-memory polymer enables you to mould the perfect and most ergonomic shape that fits your hand. Follow these steps to mould the handle:

  1. Head up hot water to 65 degrees (celsius)
  2. Place the handle in hot water for 3 minutes
  3. Take the handle out and mould it to suit any position you prefer
  4. Place for 3 minutes in cold water and the handle will quickly harden

You can repeat this moulding process any number of times without issue.